This is NOT the unborn baby I mention in the article below, it is my 17 month old granddaughter, Talia. Isn’t she precious!

was speeding to Rome on the Eurostar train, traveling at speeds over 150 mph, comfortably seated as I passed through the lovely countryside of the Tuscany region of northern Italy. It was what happened previous to speeding to Rome that an unborn baby saved me.

I was on a subway in Milan (or underground as they call it) on my way to the Eurostar train. As I was getting on the train a young girl rushed in front of me and then slowly walked onto the train forcing me to walk slowly. As I was entering the train I felt some people pressing up against me even though the train wasn’t that crowded. There was a pressure on the rear of my pants.

I immediately turned and put my hand on my pocket and felt for my wallet. It was there, but the button on the pocket was opened. Next to me were the girl, a pregnant woman and an older woman; the pregnant woman was trying to pickpocket my wallet. What I felt pressing against me was her pregnant body trying to get close enough to steal my wallet.

I stood there and stared at them, with no animosity or anger, three generations of criminals. If I understood the mother’s language I would have spoken with her. I was curious about her, the young girl, and the baby. I began thinking about what kind of life the baby will have, and what positive opportunities, if any, await him/her. What I am angry about is what would drive someone to such a lifestyle, harming others for their own survival and teaching their children how to be thieves. I was wondering how to reshape the destiny of the baby and young girl – AS WELL AS the “slumdog” children of Mumbai, and the migrant farm worker children in the U.S. and the poor and too mobile or immobile children in all parts of the world.

How can we break the cycle of perpetual thievery? By helping the mother develop the understanding, willingness and commitment to find and provide true opportunities and access to positive solutions for her children. This woman whose entire life has been working against her obtaining such a reality. The question and concern is how to break a pattern that has been ingrained in the culture of her family and society?

Once while walking through Central Park in New York City I saw a man riding his bike. To prevent it from being stolen as he rode it he had wrapped a huge chain around his waist that was locked to the frame of the bicycle. If we don’t find the workable, accessible solutions for the underserved, we may have to put locks attached to our bodies and our wallets to ensure we are not the victim of thievery, and not have to be saved by an unborn baby.

One solution is to help each person find a career or education path that leads to self-respect, accomplishment and happiness. This is a vision of what the Foundations of Brilliance program is intended to do.

It has been said that a person becomes a criminal from the moment that he or she loses respect for him or herself. Wouldn’t it be great if that unborn child was able to live a life of self-respect that results from helping others through their career choice?

“Respect yourself and others will respect you.”

― ConfuciusSayings of Confucius

Success: “You have to realize I am THE type of person who always has a purpose and direction and I am the person who helps others with theirs. But I became stalled, and a little unsure, and then annoyed about it all. It felt too hard to figure out. What is my purpose?? Where am I going?? These are questions that so many people find impossible to answer.

“The Foundations Of Brilliance Program gave me a laser-focus in my direction and purpose. And since, I made a big jump in my business which will be the vital footing for my growth and stabilize me financially in the future. Since the program I got a new amazing client. And overall I am brighter and happier. I just KNOW what my future will hold now, because I am CREATING IT. Where before I felt a slight breeze could make me uncertain.” Business woman and artist.

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With much appreciation, Bernard (proud grandfather.)