burn (one’s) bridges – To eliminate the possibility of return or retreat.

Have you ever burned your bridges to pursue a dream, a new path, a new life? It takes being a PIG and having GUTS!

Why do I say “being a pig”?

When I was teaching in New York City Richie, a friend of mine who was a policeman, visited my class. One of my students asked how he felt when people often referred to policemen as PIGS (a negative characterization of a policeman in the 1960s). Richie had a great response, he said, “I love it, to me PIG stands for Pride, Integrity and Guts.”

When have you been a PIG and burned your bridges to pursue your dreams and create a new future to live the life you imagine? Throughout my life I have been willing to be a PIG with guts.

For example, in 1976 my wife Caralyn and I left New York City and moved to Los Angeles with our three month old daughter Dhyana. We quit our very secure teaching jobs to create a new life. We gave up our apartment, withdrew all our money from a very secure pension fund, emptied our bank account and drove to Los Angeles with no home or job waiting..

What we did have were dreams and a belief in our ability to make things go right. We understood that we needed to burn our bridges to find new possibilities and make the dreams of our reality become the reality of our dreams. And to it took guts.

In 1998, I was working at a job that paid me very well but brought me no true personal satisfaction, and to be honest, every day that I went to work I lost more and more self-respect. Then I was asked to be the co-founder and editor in chief of a national education magazine. Even though I had absolutely no experience working for a magazine, and never worked as an editor in chief, I along with the publisher would be fully responsible for its success. Even though I didn’t have the knowledge and experience, I knew I had the talent, personality and purposes to become successful.

So I quit my job, threw everything I created for seven years in the garbage can – I burned my bridges. I was never going back to the consulting work I was doing. If I got a call for a $200,000 project, I would have nothing to show the interested organization, thereforeI knew I would never get hired. I had no choice except to make it go right and be successful as the editor in chief. And I did. GUTSY!

I was talking to my friend John who was very concerned he was burning his bridges. He was starting a new professional venture. He was excited about the possibilities, with no guarantee of success, only the belief in himself and the expectation he will be able to make things go right. He quit his job and regular source of income to pursue his dream. GUTSY!

In 2003 I created a program, the Foundations of Brilliance, to help people make the right choice for their career and education path. A path that ultimately would help them become a PIG, i.e., willing and able to make the right choice for career/education path. This program has been delivered worldwide to thousands of people. Here is a recent success story from someone who completed the program.

This program has been a total GAME CHANGER

I went into this program struggling because I felt wishy washy on my career goals and wasn’t able to clearly name what I really wanted.

Going through Bernard’s program totally bowled me over with mind blowing realizations on what my [career] purpose really is. TO HEAL AND IGNITE PEOPLE THROUGH MY ART!

The way the program is run is so brilliant and personal. You get to truly take a look at what makes YOU special, what impels you, and what is truly meaningful to you… Discovering why I want to do the things I do, has opened the door to a restoration of … dream following energy! It has changed my life in the best possible way.

Experiencing Bernard’s admiration and [kindness] is second to none. He makes you feel limitless!! I can’t tell you how much I recommend this brilliant program, its such a game changer. Go for it!


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With appreciation, Bernard

Bernard Percy
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