I want to share a very personal story, it was about a moment that happened about 25 years ago, a moment that will last forever.

Like so many I had been searching for my purpose (not my purpose in life, but a purpose that would help me determine my future career actions and activities). I knew when I found that statement of purpose it would be a moment that lasts forever.

A purpose being the reason for which something exists, or for which it is done or made. It is not a job title.

Not having a clear statement of my career purpose was missing from my life – I was a wandering wonderer. I was having many successful accomplishments, but something was always missing: NOT KNOWING WHAT I REALLY WANTED TO DO AND PRODUCE. I would question myself, “Is this career step really the right one for me?”

What I did know was that I loved to bring people to greater levels of happiness and inspire them to action. But something was missing that I was unable to find – until 1998.

In 1998 I was asked to be the co-founder and editor in chief of a national magazine on education. I am an educator but at that time I had no experience in working with a magazine; yet I was going to play an important role in creating and running one. I decided I would take the job, with no certainty it was the right job for me.

I then decided to “burn my bridges”. I threw out everything I created for years that I knew did not bring me a great sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction; closing the door to my ever working on similar projects again, no matter how lucrative they were. I then went through my files enjoying “burning my bridges”, and then the magic moment happened, I “miraculously” found the missing piece to my true statement of purpose.

I had written a book in 1980, HELP YOUR CHILD IN SCHOOL and sent a copy of the book to someone. I included a cover letter explaining my purpose for writing the book. He responded with a beautiful acknowledgement, which I kept in my files and completely forgot about until 18 years later when I found it buried in my files. In his acknowledgment he mentioned what I wrote to him. When I read his letterI still remember the power of my realization that I knew had changed my life forever.

And it has.

He wrote you summed it up when you said your purpose was “to get on the communication lines of the world with truth”. I was literally out of my body with happiness and joy.

I found the missing key to completing my true statement of purpose. I knew the last part of my statement was correct – to bring people to greater levels of happiness and inspire them to action. I now knew my full and clear statement of purpose: Be on the communication lines of the world with truth bringing people to greater levels of happiness and inspire them to action.

I looked over my life and realized things I never fully understood before. For example:

When I was 18 I applied for a summer job in New York City, I was so excited about the possibility of getting that job. It wasn’t the job (being a janitor) it was where the job was at, the airport in New York City where people are getting on the communication lines of the world. My favorite place to visit in New York City was the United Nations building. I would sit in the General Assembly hall staring at the Flags of all the member nations. I thought this is where I want to work; and on and on.

It was magical to truly to fully understand and CLEARLY state my career purpose.

I realized becoming the editor in chief of a national magazine was the right career choice for me (what better way to be on the communication lines of the world than being editor in chief of a magazine to be read by thousands of people, worldwide).

I have now traveled over two million miles, to 43 countries delivering seminars, lectures and consultations to thousands of people. WOW!!!

I have personally helped close to 2000 people through a one-on-one consultation, decide how to make the right choice for their career path. I help them create a strong foundation, built on three key components that helps build an understanding on which to make the RIGHT career choice. One of those components is a clear statement of their career purpose, a purpose that IMPELS them.

Are you impelled by the work you do?

Contact me at bcpercy3@gmail.com, or text me at 323-804-5113. You can also go to www.careersolutions.biz for more information.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you imagine. Thoreau