Juan Najera

Juan Najera is our CEO, as well as our representative of the Foundations of Brilliance in Latin America, and all the Spanish speaking world. He has delivered our personal consultation program in Costa Rica and in Mexico, under the name Programa de (Re) Definición de Carrera (Career (Re)Definition Program). Helping people develop their potential and achieve their goals is not new to Juan: he is a professional musician, both as performer and as educator, and has worked with many kids and teenagers, as well as young professionals, for more than 20 years to overcome the obstacles and challenges music presents.

“What I really like about delivering the program, is that it actually becomes a life changing experience for the person every single time.”

Email:, Telephone: +506 8602 6623


Klaus “Bello” Bellmann


Klaus “Bello” Bellmann has been a representative of the Foundations of Brilliance in Germany and Denmark since the beginning but has also given about 250 consultations and trained consultants including the current national representatives in England, France, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and Norway. He has been personally trained and appointed by Bernard Percy.

Email:, Telephone: +45 4167 5793, +49 157 5239 9617, Skype: bello48

Marco Licciardello

In the last 20 years I have worked as a consultant with hundreds of business professionals. I found that many people were not fully satisfied with what they were doing in life. I searched for a solution to help these people understand what the right career was for them. I found the Foundation of Brilliance program! I was able to experience the wonderful feeling of personal power and self-confidence deriving from having finally seen what “my way” really is. I decided to make this fantastic technology available to everyone in Italy (and beyond) to help people find their right career and have the bright life they have always dreamed of.



Elizabeth Yarie

Elizabeth (AKA Yarie) is based out of Austin, Texas. She has been a  lifelong artist, both as a dancer and painter. She commented, “The  intent of my art is to open up the possibilities of all realities”. Yarie brings her artistic heritage and dream of opening the possibilities of all realities to her work as Foundations of Brilliance consultant. She has wonderfully impacted the lives of those she has worked with.

Email:, Telephone: 512-468-5400, Website:


Leonard Collen

Lenny brings a diverse background to his work as a Foundations of Brilliance consultant in Australia, both as an entertainer and very successful business man, including building a 50 member property investment company. In recent years Lenny has been involved in personal growth and helping others make better choices. Lenny has been successfully fulfilling his purpose with the clients he has been consulting, “To inspire others with hope for the future, by communicating truth and solutions, and to move people emotionally to positive action.”

Email:, Telephone: +61 412 161 876, Website:


Evgenia Khodan

Evgenia Khodan

Evgenia Khodan – I am very happy to introduce you to Evgenia Khodan from Russia. She has been an FoB consultant and lecturer for 7 years.   

Ms. Khodan calls her program the “Disclosure of Talents and Abilities” (this is what Foundations of Brilliance is known as in Russia). She wrote, “I help people find the job that they will go to with a smile, where they will achieve their goals and get a good income for it. And I do it with undisguised pleasure.” Evgenia has delivered over 300 individual consultations as well as Masterclasses for adults and teenagers. WOW!

Email:, Telephone: +7 916 683-46-82





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