By Bernard Percy

I can count on two fingers the number of times I was ready to use physical violence on another. For example, I never once spanked my daughters or used any physical force in raising them. (OK there was one very, very minor exception; my oldest daughter Dhyana was 6 years old and loved to unlock the door to our house. One day after a long drive she took the keys and started to fool around, I got annoyed and very lightly tapped her on the head telling her to stop. She immediately said with some disbelief, “You hit me!” I said, “No, your head moved into my hand.” (How’s that for quick thinking?)

There were really only two times I was willing and ready to create mayhem on another, once was with a goose and once with a dog.

Maari was four when we went to the pond near our house in New Hampshire where some geese were living. Maari was delighted as she approached the geese with some food to feed them. As Maari approached a gander (male goose) spotted her and ran towards her, squawking with a menacing KEEP AWAY intention. My non-violent temperament vanished at that instant. I ran at the gander with violence on my mind. But he stopped before I had to deliver a violent kick, or some other don’t threaten my daughter action.

The other experience was with my cat Buttons. He was cute with a feisty don’t mess with me personality. The reality of who he was came alive one day when he was a kitten. I was mowing my 1/2 acre of lawn and Buttons was frolicking in the grass. Then this big dog came onto my property and started to angrily run at Buttons. Instead of behaving in a frightened or terrified manner, his first instinct was to run right at the dog, challenging him to do battle. After a couple of steps his good judgement came in and thought better about doing that and started to run away. At that point I sprung into action ready to use any violent means needed to prevent the dog from harming Buttons.

As soon as the dog saw me coming at him, he also changed his mind and did a hasty retreat off my property. I picked buttons up and gave him a warm hug of approval, letting him know how proud I was of him.

What is my point in telling these two stories. In each instance I was impelled by a purpose, that purpose was to protect my daughter and kitten from physical harm. I was ready to take whatever action was needed, including the use of violence. I relate these two incidents to what happens when someone successfully states his career/educational purpose during a Foundations of Brilliance consultation.

There is invariably a surging of positive emotions that will often surprise them. Many cry, others laugh, others sit there in a pensive moment knowing their life has changed for the better. They finally understand and have the statement of purpose(s) that truly impels them, one that can be used with the understanding of their talents and personality to choose the career or education path that will bring them the true sense of fulfillment and satisfaction we all want. They are now ready to make their career choice!

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