“… what you wear instantly conveys who you are.”

Winston Churchill commented, “America will always do the right thing after having exhausted all possibilities”. So many people are wandering wonderers, wondering what do I REALLY want to do with my life.

Like so many, Daniel was having success in his career: he was a professional Rugby player. He had signed a contract to play for a team in France (he is Australian), but knew he was NOT living the life he imagined.

He knew his talents and personality, but did not have a powerful impelling purpose for playing rugby. During the Foundations of Brilliance consultation, he followed the path of focusing on what was good and right about his talents and personality; this opened the door to being able to clearly state and define his purpose; a purpose that would help direct his future actions and activities. He realized the career path where he truly wanted to be brilliant- and has now become a renowned fashion designer.

He commented about the power of clothing, “… what you wear instantly conveys who you are.” You can go to https://www.danielpatrick.us/  to get more reality on the amazing clothes Daniel is creating.

It only took a few hours, not days or weeks or months to find his impelling direction in life. A direction where he truly wanted to and did achieve brilliance. He found his very own “foundation of brilliance”.