“She went out on a limb, had it break off behind her, and discovered she could fly.“


Showing Caralyn and Baby Dhyana

October 1976 – Caralyn holding our 3 month old daughter Dhyana at the Grand Canyon, on our way to California in our 10 year old Volvo.

In 1976 Caralyn and I went out on a limb. We had been teachers  in New York City, Caralyn for five years and me for 12 years. We decided that we wanted to create our lives in a different direction than we had been going. We wanted to pursue our dreams: Caralyn to get involved with singing and entertaining (she is truly one of the best on the planet, and those who have heard her sing know the truth of that — you can go to www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6tIOoFTxz8 to get a small sample of her ability). I wanted to get involved with writing and children’s television. 

AND we had absolutely no experience or training in creating in these areas.  








We took all our savings out of our bank account, withdrew money from our pension plan, and with Dhyana in an improvised crib space in back of the car, drove to California, with no job or home waiting for us. What was waiting for us was the opportunity to pursue our dreams? Sure there were challenges and barriers to overcome, but looking back on our lives “we learned how to fly”.

I had accomplished the goals I wanted to achieve within five years of moving to Los Angeles. For example, I became the creative consultant for a children’s television show, had three books published, had one novel I wrote optioned for a children’s television special; Caralyn also had made wonderful strides in creating her life as an entertainer, She had major professionals who wanted to support and help promote her (including the musical director and accompanist who worked with major celebrities including Lena Horne, Frank Sinatra, and Marilyn Monroe; a leading entertainment manager and producer wanted to help her; a major executive at CBS records commented after seeing her perform, “She has the talent to be a superstar”, but Caralyn decided that she wanted to move her professional life in a different direction than being a singer and entertainer).

This pattern of taking chances, going out on a limb, has been a consistent pattern throughout our lives — taking that wild chance and knowing we had to make things go right or … (you can fill in the blank). Several times during my life I have recreated my life, building on what I had already learned and accomplished, but taking a new path, a path on which I had no or little experience or training. 


Take a chance, because you never know how absolutely perfect something could turn out to be.”  

In 1972 I took a chance by starting a relationship with a BLACK woman, and if I hadn’t taken that chance I would never have known how absolutely perfect a marriage could be with Caralyn.

I am now pursuing additional paths to the ones I have been following for the past several years; still building on the successes of the Foundations of Brilliance helping people throughout determine the career path that is best for them, that is still a very important part of my life. I have started a new organization, Career Solutions. Also a month ago I had a dream, and woke up, knowing what is the next game I have to create — again something in which I have little experience and training, but something that aligns with my talents, personality, and purposes.  

Career solutions help you to choose the education and career path that is right for you. By knowing that, you will know the right chance you should to take.  

One final quote, Don’t be afraid to take chances. Never be that person who looks back on life … wondering what could have been. Don’t tell stories of what you wish had happened, tell stories of what did happen.”