Envy – awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another joined with a desire to possess the same advantage

When you look in the mirror do you envy the person you see? When I was in college I had no certainty on what I wanted to do with my life, thus no idea about what career path I should follow where I would be brilliant and thus no idea what to study.

I envied Bobby Fisher who was a student in my high school (arguably the greatest chess player of his era). I envied his passion for brilliantly playing chess, that is all that he would focus his attention on.

I envied those who were, as Thoreau stated, “ […Going] confidently in the direction of their dreams [living] the life they imagined.” I envied those students who had certainty and passion on the career path they wanted to follow, and where they wanted to be brilliantly successful.

I was confused: maybe I could be radio host, a plumber, a business man (but no idea what that business should be; or …). I was frustrated and wondered if I would ever figure it out.

Then I got lucky.

I focused on what was the lifestyle I wanted that best suited my personality. I didn’t have to become rich, I wanted to earn enough money to live the lifestyle I envisioned that aligned with my personally. I realized I wanted to become an elementary school teacher: I loved the idea of working with children; I loved the idea having a lot of time to enjoy other areas of action and creation having Christmas, Easter and summer vacation, ending my obligatory work day at 3 p m.

What a lucky and right decision; I had no idea if I had the talent to be a brilliant teacher, and didn’t have a clear statement and understanding of my purpose and a sense of duty to be a teacher.

The ideal career path requires an understanding and alignment of all three of these factors: personality, talent and purposes. I loved being a teacher, it was my ideal career path when I fully understood I did have those three factors aligned.

I would look in the mirror and envied myself.

Do you envy yourself because you are confidently and brilliantly going in the direction of your dreams, living the life you imagined?

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