Isn’t it joyful to look back at your right decisions, days, weeks even years later.

My life has been dominated by my right decisions. Including my decision to marry my wife (we have been together over 50 years), deciding to focus my career on being an educator, and I could add pages to the list of my right decisions. I recently received this success story (see below) that is another example of a right decision I made over 20 years ago.

I observed so many students having problems and difficulty deciding on what was the right career and educational path for them. They so often based their decision on guesses and the viewpoints of others (so often parents),especially what career would be most profitable or bring them a high status among their peers. NOT on a career that would bring the greatest sense of self-respect and personal fulfillment (and meet their financial dreams).

One teenager I recently consulted is a VERY thoughtful and bright young man who kind of knew the path he wanted to take. But he did not have certainty on the right career path or how to determine the right college to attend. This is what he wrote after completing the consultation in six hours.

“The [Foundations of Brilliance consultation] helped me gain certainty and clarity in a great many areas. I gained a better understanding of my own talents and which ones were the most important to me. I also, through looking into my personality and purpose, gained a clearer understanding of who I am and who I want to be. Combining these new discoveries, I figured out a specific list of criteria for my desired colleges and future careers.

“The program also helped me develop a clear picture of what I want and a clear path of how I’m going to get there. Aside from just the main goals. I also gained a sense of confidence, knowing that I have determined my own purpose and goal for the future.

“Now I am much less stressed about college and future careers, as I have a solid framework for the future that will allow me to find where I will not only perform at my best, but also where I will be happy whilst doing so. Along the way, my self esteem also likely increased through the amount of admiration I received. I hope the ceiling repairs don’t cost too much (during the consultation my true admiration for him kept rising and rising, and I told him my admiration was so high I keep hitting the ceiling). Thank you so much and I will make sure not to “bother” you and will reach out if I need you for anything.” 17 year old student.

When I started piloting the program over 20 years ago, I contacted parents of teenagers and told them about the Foundations of Brilliance consultation that I was piloting with teenagers. What amazed me was almost all the parents said, “What about me?” I need help!” So I shifted my focus to helping both adults and teens. Several thousands of individuals have been successfully consulted over the years, and I love that.


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