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Everything turns out right in the end. If it isn’t right it isn’t the end.

What do I REALLY want to do with my life
(my career, my education)?

Not knowing the TRUE answer to this question is a major concern.

It ruins people all over the world, of all ages.

We know.  We’ve traveled to over 40 countries helping people find their answer to this problem.

Career Solutions, Inc. helps you build the strong foundation on which to answer the question – we help you find and go confidently in the direction of your career purposes and dreams and live the life you imagine.


We help you determine your true career and organizational purposes.


We accomplish this by providing:

  • The Foundations of Brilliance Program

  • Business Partners Compatibility Test

  • Business & Strategic Marketing Plans

  • Organizational Charts

  • Hiring & Retaining the Right Staff

  • Corporate Job Descriptions

  • Mediations

  • Help Determining the Corporate Culture

Hear what some Career Solutions, Inc. clients say about the Foundations of Brilliance Program.

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“Now every day I am living my dream, getting better and better at what I love to do and wake up every day not only excited but know I am making a dramatic difference in the world. I am an unstoppable force of pure purpose. Life is beautiful and sparkling like a diamond.

“With enormous gratitude and love.”

A.B. – Writer

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    The Team

    Bernard Percy
    Bernard PercyCo-Founder
    For over 50 years Bernard has been an educator, author, International Speaker and consultant. He has traveled over two million miles to over 35 countries working with thousands of individuals, including students, educators, adults and organizations understand how to find and pursue their educational/career/organizational purposes and dreams.

    Here is one of hundreds and hundreds of comments about him, “Bernard Percy is a revelation ,,, His methods are simple and endearing… A few hours spent with him is worth a lifetime of experience. If you get a chance to [to work with] him, cancel everything and take it, you will not regret it!”

    He is the author of nine books including: Your Right Career – How to Make the Right Choice for Your Education and Career path: Live the Life You Imagine.

    And now the co-founder of Career Solutions to help you go confidently in the direction of your career and organizational purposes and dreams and live the life you imagine.

    Ben Kugler
    Ben KuglerCo-Founder
    A graduate of the University of Illinois in under 3 years.

    He has owned and operated 12 different companies; Service, Product & Manufacturing. From a start-up; Major Maintenance that he grew from one employee to 117 people in 18 months to his largest business – that he co-owned; Millard Maintenance Service Co., that had over 1,400 employees – it now has over 4,000 employees.

    In between those two ventures, he was equally proud of; working as an agent for New York Life – he was the first agent ever in the company’s 150-year history to sell over 580 life insurance policies in his first year (with no prior Life Insurance experience).

    Ben has authored five books on Relationships and a business book: “50 Ways to Get
    and Keep the Job You Want – Guaranteed!”

    His latest book, “The True Measure of Success” will be published in December 2018.

    He loves helping people win at the game of business.

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    “I feel very fortunate to have done [the] program. I have always wanted to be a pilot. Flying was my dream. But I just could never seem to get there, I was always being detoured.

    “I am now a professional pilot. I fly for a living! I have achieved the joy of reaching and becoming what I wanted to do so long ago when I first looked to the big blue skies.”

    R.C. – Pilot

      Or call us at:  +1 (813) 328-7070