Ideal Corporate Culture

“Corporate culture is
the only sustainable
competitive advantage that
is completely within the
control of the

David Cummings, Co-Founder, Pardot

“Corporate culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage that is completely within the control of the entrepreneur.”

David Cummings, Co-Founder, Pardot

Creating the Ideal Corporate Culture starts with management and includes all employees. The ideal culture is one where there is an understanding of the talents, personality and purposes that is the driving force which unites the entire team.

We help you identify the ideal culture for your organization. A culture that reflects how you want to be perceived by your clients and employees. Once this is accomplished (or if this step is not needed), the next step is Corporate Culture Workshops for all employees. These were developed to help a person succeed in life as an Individual, as a family member, and as an employee. These steps create a business environment where everyone wins.

Ideal Corporate Culture

Part A: Determine your Corporate Culture

Creating your Ideal Work Environment


A culture can be defined as the attitudes and behavior characteristics of a particular group or organization.


A brand is a particular identity or image to position your organization in the minds of potential clients, customers and employees.

Corporate Culture Creation

Where there is no Ideal Corporate Culture we help you identify the needed talents, personality and basic purposes on which to build your organizational culture and brand. This results in more productive team members, and very satisfied customers. 

The implementation of our Corporate Culture program is also vital in the hiring of personnel.  It helps determine what type of position they are best suited for.  Doing so typically results in increased productivity and reduced employee turnover.

A major mutual objective is to help you come up with a clearly stated, impelling purpose statement that is vital to your organization’s success. It is not just a statement to hang on a wall. A company’s purpose statement is a constant reminder to its employees and customers of why the company exists and what the founders envisioned to breathe life into their dreams. Losing sight of its Purpose Statement is a major step on the slippery slope to failure.

Success Stories

Business Consultant

“Less than a week after the consultation our company has changed. Some [left the company] by themselves, they were those who have fallen accidentally into the team, who were indifferent to our goals. Those, who stayed, became more united, more responsible, more efficient. No more ‘passengers’. There is a real team where everyone takes responsibility for their work and the final result. Thank you, you’ve made a miracle!”

Building Materials Distributor CEO

“…the consultation [was held] in a fantastic motivating and controlled way. We found the mission, purpose what we have been looking for since a very long time. It is a mission statement that is motivating for the team and also for the whole market. And not only this but we also described the company’s talents and personality.

“My biggest win is that we worded that very simple mission statement which is also easy to understand and can motivate our team and the market as well. Our talents and personality also can be well communicated inside the company as well outside.”

Finance Company Owner

“…your seminar [and consultation} was amazing it has left a lasting impression on me. Knowing my purpose has given me a new perspective on my life and future goals. I am … building an economic movement called the “New Wall Street”…Your seminar was powerful.”


“Thank you for the consulting on my business…I now have a clearer purpose and am seeing great results…clients are now happy and willing to pay me premium fees for my services.”

School Headmaster

“I’ve seen and worked in many organizations all over the world and the usual approach of management in any of them is to look almost exclusively at how to achieve expansion by getting rid of the negatives. This is understandable and even workable to some degree, but Career Solutions showed me an entirely different and perhaps much more powerful approach.

“We were able to begin to view the school in an entirely new and refreshing way, revitalizing our existing programs and plans. … we began to further explore what was really available within the group as it was, without further changes or re-postings. The potential was and is truly incredible. We examined our own abilities and qualities and how we were working together with them; then I began to explore the same things in other staff. It has started to take the lid off who we really are and strengthened and confirmed what we are doing, as well as what we might be able to do in the future.

“I unhesitatingly recommend Career Solutions’ program and see it almost as a healing action for any existing group: it brings out and acknowledges the underlying positives which make any group cohere as a group in the first place and presents clear and do-able pathways for real expansion on many levels.”

Business Owner

“Thank you — you’ve made a miracle!” PJ

Part B-The Ideal Corporate Culture Workshop Series

This involves all of the staff of your company.  This part of the Program is not only designed to imbue what has been created by the Executives in Part A throughout the company, but to also create a feeling among the rank and file staff that my company does “give a damn about me”. 

In today’s day and age, an optimum corporate existence is measured by how well its Corporate Culture is defined, manifests excellence and how much it values its staff.

In other words, is it based upon strong or weak ethical leadership? Do the leaders of the company know and treat their employees as essential and highly valued assets of the company or “cogs in a wheel?”  Is the staff held in high or low esteem? In an ideal setting the staff must exemplify the Corporate Culture. Allow us to show you how we can help improve the value of your staff. And at the same time how the staff will then mirror the essence of your Culture!

We’ve developed three Corporate Culture Employee Workshops that help to ensure from the Executive level down and from the rank and file up – YOUR CORPORATE CULTURE.

first workshop

The first workshop is “The Anatomy of Success & Failure”

This is what every individual needs to know to help them lead a more successful life.  Some of the most successful people on the planet have used this information to succeed.

The second workshop is “Are you Creating or Destroying your Relationships?”

This is an in-depth review of key Relationship Tools and a unique application of those tools that can equip almost any individual with the Elementary and Advanced Communication Skills needed to improve and create a Successful Relationship; be it on the job, with friends and or family.

The third workshop is “How to Optimize your Production & Success on the Job”

This is a utilization that combines the skills learned in the first two workshops with direct application to their position at the company.

Viewpoint Changes that bring about Valuable Employee Benefits:

Some companies have employees that feel, “The company doesn’t much care about us”. This viewpoint would become almost non-existent after improving your Corporate Culture with our program.

The staff “every man for himself” viewpoint would be gone. When the company goes above and beyond for its staff, helping them personally, familial, and career wise what resonates most is that the company DOES ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT ITS STAFF! As a result of this the employees take much greater pride in being a part of the company. It’s no longer just a place to come to work, do the bare minimum and get paid. They now see the company as “their company”. The bottom line is if the company is going the extra mile for them, they in turn are going to “up their game”, and care more about the company.

Values & Attitudes Change

There is an extensive section in the 3rd Workshop; where the most respected Values & Attitudes are reviewed. Even the application of appropriate Manners are taken into consideration. For centuries, Good Manners have been considered “the grease that lubricates civilization”. What’s right or wrong about; flicking cigarette butts on the front lawn of the headquarters building or inappropriately discarding chewing gum wherever?

We handle this tactfully, with humor and grace. And oh yes,  don’t forget about holding that door open for the person right behind you; “especially if it’s a lady and or your boss”.

Additional Benefits

Giving back more than you get from a relationship is a stellar point of what “we preach”.

The Communication Skill sets are the tools that will create better relations within the work environment, but especially in the sales and customer service arena.

With increased values, attitudes and Communication skills there is a greater willingness to understand the other person and especially duplicate what is most needed and wanted by prospects and customers.

There will also be a higher level of trust, respect and consideration for team members and executives of the company

When a staff member fails to understand something that someone has said to them they’ll now be more prone to use their new skills to deal with any and all misunderstandings.

We look forward to meeting with you and explaining more about our Ideal Corporate Culture programming.

Thank you, Ben Kugler, CEO and Bernard Percy, President